We Work for YOU—Because It’s YOUR Life

Our roots trace back more than 30 years, to when Pat Taylor founded our affiliated firm, Conry-Taylor & Company CPAs PC. Built on a fresh model for assisting Knoxville-area families with their business accounting, tax preparation, and financial planning needs. In 2008, Pat founded what is now Insight Strategic Wealth to provide her clients with a better model for service, while still providing all the same sound financial planning for their goals.

Sound financial planning always begins with understanding you, our client.  For every client we are privileged to serve, we ….



As Registered Life Planner® professionals, we lead with deep listening. How else can we get to know you well enough to offer the right advice … for YOU?


We never stop learning … about you, about our profession, about life. It helps us do a better job for you. Plus, it’s fun.




Financial life planning is pointless if it’s not personal. We care about our clients. We care about the collaborative alliances with whom we partner. We care about one another.


As an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, we lead by example, by aligning our best business practices with your clients’ highest financial interests.



We invite you to let us listen to you

The guidance Insight provides helps keep our clients on track to meet their goals


Goals-Based Planning

We believe your money should work for you, and therefore you deserve a plan customized to your specific goals, values and needs. We don’t do cookie-cutter approaches at Insight. Success is defined differently by each of our clients, and we believe your financial plan should reflect that. We want to know what your values are and create a custom plan around that.

Deliberate investment strategy

We are grounded in the academics on how to patiently earn the market’s expected long-term returns. Your portfolio is no doubt an important driver of your overall financial plan and we feel our evidence-based investment strategy best complements our carefully planned approach to wealth management. The strategies in your investment plan are risk-optimized, cost-effective and tax-efficient to enhance your odds of living the life you’ve imagined.


Structured as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we are compensated solely by our clients for providing them with professional advice and individualized oversight of their broad and specialized wealth interests. By refusing all commissions, we are freed from conflicting incentives typically found within the banker/brokerage industry.


Part of acting in a fiduciary capacity for our clients includes ensuring the costs of investing are clearly stated and well-managed. Cost management also makes good investment sense. Plainly stated: The less you spend on investing, the more of your returns you get to keep as your own.

Team-based service

Based on your personalized, written Investment Policy Statement, we integrate your investment strategy with your overall financial plan. Our team is further strengthened by the Buckingham Strategic Partners back-office; the broader Buckingham network; and tax and accounting services available from our affiliated firm, Conry-Taylor and Company, CPAs PC.

If you would like to experience the Insight Edge for yourself, contact us to schedule a complimentary meeting to see how we can serve you.

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