Five-Touch Financial Care™—One Ideal Relationship

How do you live your most abundant life? You bring us your dreams. We’ll add insight and direction. Together, we’ll optimize your personal wealth and navigate past life’s inevitable challenges, with our Five-Touch Financial Care™:

A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.”  - Alexa Von Tobel


Cash Flow Management | Insight Strategic Wealth

Cash Flow Management

Plan for comfortable monthly spending

Cash flow and income planning are the foundation of financial planning. Cash flow management covers a wide variety of topics. As we listen to you and gather your information, we are looking at your cash flow habits to ensure any plan we put together will work for you. We will also discuss any applicable employee benefits, because small tweaks can make a difference. We spend a fair amount of time ensuring we understand your cash needs and getting creative in making your cash flow work for you.


Risk Management

Protect your financial wellbeing when things don’t go as planned

All too often, financial plans are ruined if you lack protection against life’s unexpected upsets.  Although we do not sell insurance, we want to make sure you and your family are covered in worst case scenarios. We will work with your insurance agent to help you make knowledgeable decisions about what coverage you and your family may need - or not need - in these areas.

Risk Management | Insight Strategic Wealth


Tax Planning | Insight Strategic Wealth

Tax Planning

Coordinate tax-wise action across all your financial interests

Insight Strategic Wealth founder Pat Taylor, CPA/PFS, RLP® has over 35 years managing our affiliated tax practice, Conry-Taylor & Co CPAs, P.C. No wonder we tightly integrate tax efficiency into every financial plan we build. In retirement, your two main expenses are taxes and healthcare, so we take ample time to understand your current tax situation and suggest improvements. We will work closely with your tax advisor to do tax planning and ensure more money stays in your family, where it belongs.


Estate Planning

Successfully secure and transfer your ideal legacy

Here is where our focus on multigenerational wealth planning really shines. After working hard to accumulate your wealth, what legacy would you like to leave? Estate Planning is a must. But so is ensuring your assets and accounts are correctly titled, your beneficiary designations are correct, and your heirs are prepared. We’ll collaborate with you and your attorneys to align your intent with the wills, trusts, and powers of attorney that best serve your family’s needs. We can also help you navigate multigenerational conversations, to ensure your heirs are practically and emotionally ready for their role. In short, we will work closely with your estate attorney or help you find one so you can bring harmony to your legacy goals.

Estate Planning | Insight Strategic Wealth


Investment Management | Insight Strategic Wealth

Investment Management

Accumulate and build lifelong financial security with an evidence-based investment strategy

How do you reliably save and invest toward college, retirement, a house, a legacy, etc.? In complex, lightning-fast markets, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. No single investment portfolio is right for everyone. But once we’ve accounted for your unique cash flow, risk management, tax planning, and estate planning requirements, your ideal investment plan becomes the final piece in our Five-Touch Financial Care model.

We begin with academic research on how to best capture market returns, given the risks involved. We then build and manage your globally diversified portfolio according to your life plans. Over time, we’ll help you minimize pointless costs, ignore market madness, and stay on track towards your personal financial goals. 


The Results


Your ideal, abundant life, with minimal stress and maximum joy!