Q: What can I expect from your client experience and how long does it take to get started?

During our first meeting, before any financial life planning takes place, we will get to know you, your situation, your values, your relationships, and your greatest aspirations – in your life, for your career and with your money. Next, we will walk you and your family through our structured financial life planning process for connecting your available assets with your highest aspirations.

During your first year as an Insight client, you can expect to meet with us about 5–6 times. We’ll gather information to create an individualized financial plan just for you, based on our deep understanding of your goals and priorities. We’ll deploy our Five-Point Financial Care™ services to integrate evidence-based investment with the rest of your financial interests (including cash management, risk management, tax planning, estate planning). For business owners, we also can blend in a retirement plan program, and help you balance your work/life financial interests.